Wanna Dance

Sculpture of a Cape Buffalo bull


15 in Edition

10″ H: 14″ L: 16″
25cm x 35cm x 40cm

35lbs (15.9kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Wanna Dance’

Depicts a Cape Buffalo in an aggressive stance with his nose very high, the patina is almost black.

John has been a dear friend since the old days in Rhodesia. He has become an amazing bronze artist over the last 30 years. John having been a professional hunter for decades has seen more wildlife up close and personal than most will ever see. He has had the talent to transform memories into life-like bronze sculptures. I have a large bronze wildlife collection and 8 of my favorites were done by John. He is an amazing talent and great friend, anyone would be lucky to have one of his great works in their collection.
Michael J. Miller

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