Askari Bull

Elephant sculpture


25 in Edition

W: 20″ H: 18″ L: 30″
50cm x 45cm x 76cm

125lbs (57kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Askari Bull’

Having completed the Elephants under the Baobab I realised that I needed to carry on with yet another Elephant sculpture while the trend was still hot as it were. The Moonlight Elephants had been very difficult to perfect and I went onto this even more demanding subject with the difficulty of achieving the scale of the Askari Bull against the size of the old bull. The old bull’s tusks are not a figment of my imagination, they are sculpted as near as possible to two different Elephant who feature in a book called Great Tuskers of Africa. The right hand tusk of this bull is fashioned as near as possible to the right hand tusk of a bull in the Kruger National Park called Mandleve. His right hand tusk was straighter than the left and tipped close to the ground. When he died in 1992 his right hand tusk weighed 162 pounds. The left hand tusk in the sculpture is fashioned from what I could make out from another Kruger National Parks bull called Letaba. He had a broken right hand tusk and a large curved tusk on the left. Poachers killed him in the 1980s and his tusks were lost so there is no record of the weight. I hope that you enjoy this, one of the most demanding pieces I have sculpted.

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