I have been fortunate enough to have been asked to sculpt several pieces on commission. These have included an Elk, a Moose and a Mongolian Argali sheep. Also a Red Stag at the Deer Path Inn in Lake Forest, Illinois. In 2013 Safari Club International commissioned me to sculpt a Norman Rhino to be presented to the Hall of Fame award winner. Another commission was a special piece for an award with an edition of 50, to be given once a year to one person who best exemplifies Courage and Perseverance.


There have been a few others, and I find the challenge of doing these exclusive pieces very rewarding. That sometimes the subject matter requires me to step out of my comfort zone is all for the better.


I must track down images, but it’s also worth mentioning a Longhorn Bull called ‘Jake’ for its owner, an Andalusian Shepherd for a dog judge and owner of that breed, plus a medallion I was commissioned to sculpt for the International Professional Hunters Association titled ‘The Klineburger Award’ which is to be awarded annually to an individual deemed by the association to be deserving of such an award for services rendered to the hunting fraternity.

John Tolmay in the studio

Future Work

I am always interested to look at any ideas you may have for a commissioned piece. Come and have a chat at one of the shows or get in touch with me directly.