The Scent of Africa

Sculpture of African Wild Dog


25 in Edition

W: 8″ H: 8″
20cm x 20cm

5.5lbs (2.5kg)

Bronze Africa ‘The Scent of Africa’

A Wild Dog, nose raised, sniffing the air.

John’s art is nothing short of amazing. As a hunter he developed an eye for the total symmetry of an animal and how they move and react in the bush. Something not every artist has mastered… but John has, in spades. I have five of his pieces and each of them conveys a place in time where I, too, experienced that moment.
Russell Marshall
I have a number of John’s pieces in my collection. I enjoy them all and have had the pleasure of getting to know and appreciate John and Di personally. John captures his subjects in such an intimate and realistic manner that it stands far above the work of others in the field. I feel very fortunate to have his work in my home and to be able to count both John and Di as friends.
Daniel J Scully

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