The Kudu Bull

Sculpture of a Kudu


25 in Edition

W: 6.5″ H: 8.5″ L: 11″
17cm x 22cm x 28cm

12lbs (5.5kg)

Bronze Africa ‘The Kudu Bull’

This sculpture is the Bronze Africa Classic. I sold my first one to Jakie Holt in 1988. It was one of my first pieces and still sells well to collectors and art-lovers alike. As a sculptor and a hunter, I have the longest association with this animal and I have tried to depict him here for what he is, proud and beautiful. As a young boy my burning desire was to hunt and collect one of these fabulous animals (see the photo of me with my first Kudu). For years, despite the fact that they were abundant as they are now, he eluded me and it was not until I was the ripe old age of nine that I finally got close enough to take one. Today I prefer to preserve his majesty in bronze and I would dedicate this to all hunters, whether with rifle or camera, who strive to collect this creature in all his splendour.

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