Make my Day

Sculpture of a Cape Buffalo bull


15 in Edition

W: 14″ H: 16″ L: 26″
36cm x 41cm x 66cm

60lbs (27kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Make my Day’

For those of us that have hunted this magnificent animal, whether for meat or as a guide or for whatever reason there comes that time when the shot is wrong and the animal is wounded. Like any animal that is hurt he will initially run, always into cover and there is that chance that he will make some few yards even a few hundred yards and die.

There is that other time when he is not hit hard enough and those few hundred yards turn into some thousands of yards. Somewhere along his way his demeanour changes and instead of being spooked by the follow up he turns to find the best cover to lay an ambush and at that moment the hunter is now the hunted.

The Cape Buffalo despite his bulk is able to hide where the cover is scarce – he uses shadow like an artist or a soldier, the deeper the shadow the better. He is dangerous all the way as the day wears on. If he is still functioning on the second day he is really bad but beware the third day! Now sometimes miles from where he was first hit he is now in that mode that has left many of the best hunters in the African bush stone dead. So I have tried to catch the mood in bronze. To sculpt his hiding place under cover is very difficult and due to the cost of casting such vegetation into bronze the piece becomes expensive. I had no choice so here he is, I called this ‘Make My Day’ but you will also see around the base some other messages which I leave for you to discover.

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