Rain Dancer

Sculpture of a Giraffe


10 in Edition

W: 24″ H: 50″ L: 36″
61cm x 127cm x 91cm

80lbs (36.2kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Rain Dancer’

This sculpture has run around in my head for a long time. Every time I sat down with nothing to do I would sketch this animal, he appeared on paper napkins in many eating establishments from Montana to Washington DC., Texas and back to Montana. Finally I was in Billings, MT. long enough to sculpt him and he will now run forever in bronze. I called him ‘The Rain Dancer’ and would like you to think that of him, he is running in the first rain of the season and the number one of this happy piece graces the home of Carlos Y. Benavides Jr., Judge retired of Webb County, Laredo, Texas.

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