Sculpture of a Night Ape


50 in Edition

W: 5″ H: 18″ L: 18″
13cm x 46cm x 46cm

8lbs (3.6kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Mpookoyoni’

I would never have attempted to sculpt this little fellow if it were not for a delightful young girl. It is interesting how we seem to connect with some people and pass by others. My family and I were at the booth in Reno SCI and the Huffman family dropped in and we connected right away. Virginia, who has travelled with her family to Africa, is smitten with the Night Ape. Could I sculpt one for her? Sure of course, only to find the eyes of this wonderful little fellow are a real challenge. I got back to Montana and proceeded with the project and quickly realized that I had bitten off a little more than I could chew. So I quit and left for Africa where I need to go periodically to recharge my ageing batteries and let the little guy run around in my head for some months. On my return I quickly sculpted this little fellow while he was fresh and right before my eyes. I hope you enjoy him Virginia.

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