Sculpture of Black Rhino

Wall Mount


25 in Edition

W: 13″ H: 30″ D: 25″
33cm x 76cm x 63cm

50lbs (23kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Sculpture of Black Rhino’

This is a flight of fancy for me. I attempted to catch the power of the animal to show it’s natural belligerence and at the same time not to detract from the fact that it can also have a gentle nature. I wonder how close I have come to achieving that, if at all? Without anything but pictures to help the sculpture along I can only guess that it is as close to half life-size as my eye can ascertain from seeing them in the field. I have inscribed along the base of the neck: “May God Save This Creature From Extinction.”

We have decorated our ranch through the years with wonderful bronze pieces from this outstanding artist! John’s amazing ability to capture the motion and the essence of each animal or person in every sculpture is quite intricate and captivating! We treasure his artwork and also our friendship with John and Di. What lovely and talented people to have in our lives!
Bill & Deborah Keyes

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