New Blood

Sculpture of a Masai and his bull


20 in Edition

W: 10″ H: 14″ L: 23″
25cm x 35cm x 58cm

27lbs (12kg)

Bronze Africa ‘New Blood’

It happened on safari in 1989 driving out of the Makame Depression in Masai land, Tanzania, on our way to Ngasamut, a place where the Masai gather every week or so to trade produce and livestock.

The track out of the depression is steep, very rutted and long and it travels through dense jess bush the whole way. It was on this track that we came on a lone Masai driving a bull and when we asked him where he was going he indicated that he had traded the bull for some cows and was taking the bull back back to his boma near a place called Oldonyo Ndrobo which, in effect, was a very long way from where we met him. This was a wild place and I wondered where he would stop and rest when the night came. The place crawled with Lions and Hyena and he was simply walking into the night and it never phased him one bit.

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