Miombo Monarch

Sculpture of Sable antelope


25 in Edition

W: 7″ H: 9″ L: 12″
18cm x 23cm x 30cm

8lbs (3.6kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Miombo Monarch’

Terry Smit, an old friend from Karoi, Rhodesia, now living in Virginia, had a client who when he first saw the Sable it was lying down. This is a very common sight where they occur. Terry asked me to sculpt this for him. The ‘Miombo’ is the type of cathedral Brachistegia forest that these animals frequent and are inclined to lie up in. The Miombo is interspersed with open grass land and it is in these open plains where the Sable antelope feed. This is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

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