The War Department

Cape Buffalo sculpture


10 in Edition

W: 23″ H: 16″ L: 28″
58cm x 41cm x 71cm

150lbs (68.2kg)

Bronze Africa ‘The War Department’

There is a spring in the Zambezi Valley called ‘Kamba Shatu Springs’ (Home of the Python). One day while tracking Elephant we came onto Kamba Shatu and found a herd of bachelor Buffalo bulls taking a mud wallow. The mud there is grey granite sand and they were covered with grey mud. The sculpture does not depict the colour of the mud because they were in effect white. In their unusual colour they appeared especially belligerent. In my depiction of them which is burrowed out of my memory of that wonderful sight I decided to call them ‘The War Department’.

We have decorated our ranch through the years with wonderful bronze pieces from this outstanding artist! John’s amazing ability to capture the motion and the essence of each animal or person in every sculpture is quite intricate and captivating! We treasure his artwork and also our friendship with John and Di. What lovely and talented people to have in our lives!
Bill & Deborah Keyes
John has been a dear friend since the old days in Rhodesia. He has become an amazing bronze artist over the last 30 years. John having been a professional hunter for decades has seen more wildlife up close and personal than most will ever see. He has had the talent to transform memories into life-like bronze sculptures. I have a large bronze wildlife collection and 8 of my favorites were done by John. He is an amazing talent and great friend, anyone would be lucky to have one of his great works in their collection.
Michael J. Miller

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