Mukanga Bull Tanking Up

Sculpture of Elephant bull


17 in Edition

W: 12″ H: 18″ L: 17″
30cm x 45cm x 33cm

53lbs (24kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Mukanga Bull Tanking Up’

An Elephant bull taking a long soothing drink after a dusty walk to the drying water hole.

Having spent many days on Safari with John over the past 35 years, I have experienced his passion for and uncanny expertise in bringing these animals to life in the Bronze. I have viewed many of the contemporary artists work over this time and in my opinion none can compare. John’s original first edition Kudu and Buffalo reside in my home as well as a ‘one-off’ Masai-Lion sculpture. I have several others, eight in total, with my favorite the ‘Mukanga Bull Tanking Up’ – an elephant bull that John did for me. I am looking forward to having the Wildebeast Crossing (‘Running the Gauntlet’) since recently returning from the Serengeti.
Ken Fryer

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