Sculptures of either the Black Rhino or the White Rhino have always been an important part of John Tolmays tribute to this most precious of the Big Five animals. Precariously close to extinction and constantly under threat from the tyranny of poaching, it is vital that as both artists and collectors of sculpture, we strive to uphold the protection of this wonderous African animal. Rhino horn is no more than just compacted hair that does nothing for a human being when ingested. There is no better place for a Rhino horn to be than on the front of a rhinoceros face.

Wrapping up 2018 at Bronze Africa

Had a really lovely comment from Barbara and Steve about Closing in the Long Grass. Went something like this:

I wanted to let you know that the bronze ‘Closing in the Long Grass’ arrived safely on Friday. My husband and I are so pleased with it. We really love the sculpture. Thank you both for what you have done for us.

John, I received a book recently from the Painted Wolf Foundation in the United Kingdom. Maybe you are familiar with it. The title is ‘Painted Wolves: A Wild Dog’s Life’, by Nicholas Dyer and Peter Blinston. It is a beautiful book with a moving story about these incredible animals.

Di, I laughed when I read your description of camping in Namibia in the winter time. I know exactly what you mean. I’m sure you and John have many fascinating stories you could tell about your years spent in Africa.

Barbara & Steve

Thanks for the kind words Barbara.

And as you will see, Di and I show no signs of slowing down if you look at the year we had in 2018. March in France, April and May in Africa to visit my sisters and many of our old friends and in November we headed for Australia to visit our son Riley, his wife Laura, Emmett going on 4 and Stella going on 2.

And in between some 7 new pieces. Still waiting for the latest buffalo piece to arrive from the foundry but here are 6 new pieces for you to peruse.

Black Powder – a very dynamic new sculpture of a black rhino

Fighting Talk – a bugling elk and my first sculpture of this magnificent American giant

Heading for Water – a male and female southern nyala

Little Big Buck – a male bushbuck

The Scent of Silence – a new elephant piece to add to the collection

Bait Ball Ballet – and something right out of left field – a sculpture of a yellow fin tuna

Not sure what is store for 2019 but for now, another Christmas, the festive table to consume with gay abandon, vast quantities of vittles prepared by our wonderful women folk who are singular in their frantic need to sink us into glutinous mounds of quivering Christmas overindulgence. Wonderful! The Kiddies open their presents from Santa, break some, fight over others and hide the rest!

Wishing you all a fabulous festive season. Thank you for your continued support in 2018 and very best wishes for 2019.

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Safari Club International

Recent articles published in the Safari Club Magazine featured two Award pieces which I was commissioned to do for them.

The Norman Rhino was presented to the Hall of Fame award winner, Barbara Strawberry. Barbara has been a force of energy and drive for not only her own Chapter of Safari Club but the SCI cause in general.

Safari Club International went on to say this about her. “Barbara went on her first hunt in 1990 with her husband Bill. It was in Zimbabwe that she took her first trophy – a warthog! Barbara continued with 6 more safaris to Africa and hunted in Spain, Scotland, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas and Maryland. She’s fished Africa, the Amazon, Florida Keyes, Maryland and Alaska.”

I am proud to have been invited to be part of a select group of artists to exhibit at the new Miniature Art Showcase and Sale at Safari Club International in Las Vegas in 2014. The challenge to sculptors is to make a piece that can be no more than 12″ square.

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