The warthog must be one of the most charming and incredibly entertaining little animals of the African savannah and they are well represented in John Tolmay’s portfolio of warthog bronze sculptures. From wallowing in the mud to running as fast as they can through the bush with their characteristic tails held straight up in the air like a warthog antennae; there is a warthog sculpture for any taste in John’s portfolio. He has sculptures of individual warthogs with large tusks or a warthog mother with babies running behind which is such a common sight when on Safari.

Two new quirky pieces in the Gallery

A couple of new pieces in the Gallery that are a little more light-hearted in nature.

Find out more about mother warthog and her brood here. I have called this piece ‘Pigs Trotters’ – for obvious reasons.

And for those of you who enjoy rural African scenes here is a little piece that speaks volumes about the pecking order around food.

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Getting your head around sizes

It’s not always evident how big a piece is in comparison to another and with this in mind I offer you some material to help you understand relative scaling in 3 groups of sculptures. The first selection is of Accepting the Challenge, Jungle Ghost and Gentle Giant.

The second selection is of the two main kudu sculptures and the third selection is of the three warthog pieces.

The images were taken to show relative height and width of each piece.

Hope this helps you understand better the scaling on these pieces.

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