A majestic kudu bull breaking cover and flashing his iconic spiraled horns in the sunlight is a sight to behold and many a hunter or photographer longs for this experience. John Tolmay has long sculpted the kudu bull. It was the first animal he ever hunted and it was also the first animal he sculpted when he started his career as a sculptor in bronze. The discerning collector can find a wide range of kudu sculpture in the gallery of Bronze Africa. The ambitious pose of When Shadows Come to Life is a sculpture of 3 kudu bulls running and leaping through the bush and a very unique piece of art in this subject matter.

Getting your head around sizes

It’s not always evident how big a piece is in comparison to another and with this in mind I offer you some material to help you understand relative scaling in 3 groups of sculptures. The first selection is of Accepting the Challenge, Jungle Ghost and Gentle Giant.

The second selection is of the two main kudu sculptures and the third selection is of the three warthog pieces.

The images were taken to show relative height and width of each piece.

Hope this helps you understand better the scaling on these pieces.

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