Little Big Buck

Sculpture of a Bushbuck


20 in Edition

W: 6″ H: 14″ L: 13″
15cm x 35cm x 33cm

14.5lbs (6.5kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Little Big Buck’

The name is taken from one of Peter Flack’s wonderful books ‘Hunting The Spiral Horns’. This is so aptly named. For his size and his secretive nature this little animal is pound-for-pound a serious adversary. As a young boy growing up in the midlands of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) I hunted this little guy very hard and I never collected one until I was in my 20th year. I was not hunting him, I was hunting ducks with my .22 along a river called the Umvume and suddenly right up close is a beautiful Bushbuck. His horns were brushed off but he was magnificent. I was very proud of that trophy.

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