Bait Ball Ballet

Sculpture of a Yellowfin tuna


12 in Edition

 New Piece

W: 9″ H: 14″ L: 14″
22cm x 35cm x 35cm

10.5lbs (4.8kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Bait Ball Ballet’

This is really out of my league and it was very difficult to do, but when someone asks then someone better do it, right? How do you sculpt water? How can you sculpt water cascading down the sides of a fish? How do you sculpt droplets hitting the waves around? Heck I don’t know so I better make sure that I get the patina right. The fish is a Yellow Tailed Tuna and the pictures that I had to look at to achieve this show that it is indeed a very beautiful fish.

I hope that you enjoy him as much as I struggled to sculpt him.

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