Belligerence is here – all 250lbs of it…

Well, we took time about it, Belligerence and I – and now the time has come to bring you my most ambitious sculpture to date.

Six buffalo bulls on a termite mound, tightly packed, multiple levels, dynamic poses – a piece that took months of work but I wanted to raise the bar and aim higher. I wanted to dig deeper into my head-space than ever before with a buffalo sculpture. You can see the result here.

This is an edition of 7. Miles White, who commissioned the Stag, took Belligerence while it was still in the clay so the first one has already gone to Illinois.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed sculpting it.

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Behind the Scenes

A lot of people have started to ask me about the Foundry and what it is like to bring a wax or a clay piece to life. So I have put together a little series of images for you give you a feeling of what the ‘back-end’ of my work looks like.

In order of appearance:

  1. Putting the patina on the piece called Gentle Giant of the Savannah. It’s messy work and the chemicals are noxious and dangerous to say the least but it’s that careful blending of heat and chemicals that brings up all the texturing and nuances in the piece and this is what I already have in my mind when I am still in the wax or clay stage.
  2. Putting the patina on Belligerence – thought it was never going to end but I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to achieve. Very happy with the result.
  3. Cal Paulson handling the heat. Here he is putting the finishing touches to the Stag that was made for the Deer Path Inn.
  4. Sculpting the moose that we will be collecting next week from the Foundry.
  5. The new hydraulic lift we have had to purchase in order to be able to move all 250lbs of Belligerence around. A great tool that will be useful for a few others too. Not getting any younger you know.
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A new Buffalo Sculpture

After The War Department sold out in Dallas last year it was clear that another large-scale multifaceted buffalo sculpture was called for and so – never one to avoid taking on a big challenge – herewith my latest offering still in the clay.

At this stage I can only guess at how heavy the piece will be and I will be keeping the edition number very low. A sixth buffalo will be added to the back and then all the texturing and detailing will be applied.

My daughter Georgie, and quite possibly my harshest critic (being an artist herself), calls this sculpture one of my “signature pieces.” I am under firm instruction to “stick to my knitting” and just let the piece do the talking – let the buffalo speak for themselves.

Yet to name it of course, but watch this space…

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Three New Pieces in the Gallery

The War Department and Lord Derby sculptures sold out at the beginning of the year. Due to the popularity of those 2 pieces I thought it was a good idea to made a new sculpture of an Eland Bull in an edition of 12 which I am very pleased with. It’s very dynamic, attempting to capture that classic gait of the eland when it’s trotting away at a very deceptive speed.

I continue to grow the collection of the ever-popular Buffalo pieces with For Whom the Bell Tolls. A classic pose into which you can read anything. Are you threatened? Is he threatened?

And finally I am very happy to bring you a new study of 3 Wild Dogs running through long grass. One dog jumping – leaping up to see what’s ahead, another following the scent trail and the third just keeping up the pace. A fascinating piece to make.

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Get Nervous is in the Gallery

My latest piece is titled ‘Get Nervous.’ It can be a bookend or it can be a stand-alone piece. The title is inspired by my good friend and professional hunter, Lou Hallamore, and I know many of you will understand that moment when, as Lou would say, it’s time to get nervous. Find out a bit more about the piece here.

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