Mongolian Argali

Sculpture of an Argali Sheep from Mongolia (by commission)


7 in Edition

W: 9″ H: 16″ L: 15″
22cm x 40cm x 38cm

33lbs (15kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Mongolian Argali’

I found myself in unknown territory when I took on the sculpting of the Mongolian Argali. When doing animals that are not familiar to me I find myself trying to come to terms with the incredibly harsh environment in which they live.

I think finally that the sculptures are tempered by the realization that in effect the African creatures I sculpt have an easy time compared to these animals that live so far from the warmth of the tropical sun. Here then is the Argali as I depict him with his massive coat of quills and in admiration of his ability to live in harsh terrain at high altitudes.

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