Extinction is Forever

White Rhino sculpture


25 in Edition

W: 12″ H: 13″ L: 24″
30cm x 33cm x 60cm

29lbs (13kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Extinction is Forever’

The Rhino population where they still occur are now under threat more than ever before. The world continues to appeal to Asia to realise that the horn is nothing more than just hair with no potency or health benefits. This is my tribute to the thousands of hard-working and brave individuals who believe in the preservation of this animal. Thanks to Bill and Linda Fuchs for allowing me to produce this piece copied from a full mounted White Rhino in their studio in Franklin, North Carolina.

I have a number of John’s pieces in my collection. I enjoy them all and have had the pleasure of getting to know and appreciate John and Di personally. John captures his subjects in such an intimate and realistic manner that it stands far above the work of others in the field. I feel very fortunate to have his work in my home and to be able to count both John and Di as friends.
Daniel J Scully

Medium Sculptures

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