Pigs Trotters

Sculpture of a Warthog mother and her 3 piglets


12 in Edition

W: 5″ H: 11.5″ L: 24.5″
15cm x 25cm x 60cm

22lbs (10.5kg)


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Bronze Africa ‘Pigs Trotters’

This is a little sculpture that speaks volumes if you have ever visited Africa where these wonderful little animals occur. When the breeding season gets going they can be seen everywhere, always apparently on the move. At these times the sow is supremely alert and spooks very easily and off they go with their quaint little tales in the air.

Alas she seldom if ever raises all of the brood as her little pigs are heavily predated. Did you know that they are diurnal and live under ground during the night? Mama pig colonizes Aardvark holes and keeps her brood down there and if she is spooked she will run for the hole and reverse down so she can defend the hole with her tusks.

Baby warthogs if hand-reared by humans go down the hole head first because without Mama pig to show them how they just go in willy-nilly.

A burrow that is colonized by a warthog family is teaming with parasites and so they love to wallow in mud that helps to alleviate the itches. Watch them scratch themselves against a rock or a tree stump and then go right back into the mud again. They graze on short grass and to do this they are always down on their knobby little knees. Delightful little guys.

I found John a few years ago at a show in Dallas, and instantly fell in love with one of their pieces called ‘Pigs Trotters’. This piece is sitting in my office today, and gets comments from every visitor about the uniqueness of the piece and it’s quality. I opted to pay for this piece at the show and have them ship me the #1 sculpture that they still had in their possession, and I was always kept apprised of the status of the shipment and found that when it arrived, it was very well packed and the sculpture was in perfect condition. I look forward to seeing John and Di every year when I visit the Dallas show, and still have a few of his pieces on my wish list. John has spent many years in the bush studying every aspect he sculpts, this attention to detail and passion for his work is evident in everything he puts out.

Dillon Short

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