Running the Gauntlet

Sculpture of migrating Wildebeest


15 in Edition

W: 12″ H: 15″ L: 20″
30cm x 38cm x 50cm

30lbs (13.6kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Running the Gauntlet’

The Wildbeeste subject is something that our daughter Georgie has asked me to do for a while now. I have to say that I did not initially decide to do a migration piece when I started this subject – it just evolved into that. Initially I had just the two Wildebeest launching themselves into the Mara River but something was missing. It was not long before I realized that the ominous presence of the crocodile was an essential part of the scene.

John’s art is nothing short of amazing. As a hunter he developed an eye for the total symmetry of an animal and how they move and react in the bush. Something not every artist has mastered… but John has, in spades. I have five of his pieces and each of them conveys a place in time where I, too, experienced that moment.

Russell Marshall

Medium Sculptures

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