Time moves quickly these days and so must we to keep up. If you are reading this you will have already noticed the new website, helped in no small part by John Kepchar of TAP Photo Studio in Asheville NC with his beautiful photography.

I have three new pieces in the gallery.


I decided to do my best to sculpt an Elephant called ‘Duke’ who lived in the Kruger National Park and died there in 2011. This is the most beautiful animal with more than 100lbs of ivory on each side. The Duke was a gentleman with the most wonderful disposition and I hope I have captured that.

The Painted Dog

I had collaborated with an avid collector of mine to sculpt a Baboon with a baby on its back. I don’t like Baboons so, as he and his wife are dog lovers, I decided to see if he might like a painted dog and this was the result.

Waiting for the Groceries

Going on from the painted dog bust I thought to have a pup with him. It didn’t look right so I put the pup by himself. I am happy to say the pup trumped the Baboon.

Chatting with John

Our daughter Georgie came up with the idea that it might be nice for me to chat about some of my sculptures in a short video format. So that’s what we have done. You can watch a video of the sculpture while I chat a bit about it. You can see them here or you can subscribe to the channel if you’re a YouTube user.

Thanks for your feedback

My thanks to all of you who responded with such gracious, kind and encouraging testimonials about my work. You can see your handiwork live on this website. We always welcome your feedback about the work you have purchased or any general enquiries you may have.