Gentle Giant of the Savannah

Sculpture of Lord Derby Eland


12 in Edition

W: 13″ H: 21.5″ L: 24″
28cm x 53cm x 61cm

48lbs (22kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Gentle Giant of the Savannah’

I have called this sculpture ‘The Gentle Giant Of The Savannah’. This is my second attempt. The previous one I called ‘Lord Derby’s Giant’ sold out in Las Vegas SCI this year. This piece depicts a typical habit of the Eland, both the Giant and the Livingstone’s. As he trots off at that deceptive gait he is inclined to look over his shoulder left and right as he runs at speeds that can reach 40mph. Unlike so many large creatures he does not tire easily and can maintain this gait for miles. Gentle he is but due to his small mouth parts and huge body he is constantly on the move in search of enough browse to sustain his enormous weight and thus he is a difficult fellow to approach. The Eland is rightfully revered by the San Bushmen hunters of the Kalahari.

John has been a dear friend since the old days in Rhodesia. He has become an amazing bronze artist over the last 30 years. John having been a professional hunter for decades has seen more wildlife up close and personal than most will ever see. He has had the talent to transform memories into life-like bronze sculptures. I have a large bronze wildlife collection and 8 of my favorites were done by John. He is an amazing talent and great friend, anyone would be lucky to have one of his great works in their collection.
Michael J. Miller
John’s art is nothing short of amazing. As a hunter he developed an eye for the total symmetry of an animal and how they move and react in the bush. Something not every artist has mastered… but John has, in spades. I have five of his pieces and each of them conveys a place in time where I, too, experienced that moment.
Russell Marshall
We have several examples of John’s work in our collection. They are among our favorite pieces. Everyone that visits our home remarks on how great the quality and how realistic they are. We have enjoyed our friendship with John and Di for 15 years at SEWE, Reno, and Dallas and look we look forward to seeing them every year.
Ed & Sharon Wilson

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