Cape Buffalo bull goring tribesman


20 in Edition

W: 12″ H: 6″
15cm x 30cm

8lbs (3.6kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Misfire’

When I was invited to sculpt a piece for the Miniature Art Showcase for 2014 Safari Club International, I was somewhat undecided as to who exactly would be the recipient of this Buffalo’s attentions. In years gone by Arabs traded off poor quality muzzle-loader guns for slaves and ivory. I wonder how many poor souls who ventured after the Cape Buffalo with these weapons actually fated to arrive in the position as this tribesman. That he was not alone is obvious due to the spear that it is sticking out of the animal. The ferocity of the attack would have scattered his hunting companions. Here then is what I call ‘Misfire’. The rest speaks for itself.

I returned to Singapore and am simply delighted with the sculpture. I have spoken to my brother and so look forward to giving him his gift. Grateful thanks to John – he has two very happy customers.
Fiona Raissig

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