Mountain Monarch

Sculpture of a Moose (by commission)


7 in Edition

W: 11″ H: 17″ L: 19″
27cm x 43cm x 48cm

28lbs (12kg)

Bronze Africa ‘Mountain Monarch’

I doubt that I would have ever sculpted a Moose if I had not have been commissioned to do this animal. Having little or no knowledge of the moose, I discovered that it has a very interesting mouth and nostrils. I conclude that this is due to its feeding habits whereby it apparently likes to feed on aquatic plants below the surface water in the lakes and ponds that it frequents. I can only hope that you enjoy my attempt to recreate this huge, iconic animal.

I am thrilled with the moose, he is a splendid piece. John has not shown him at Dallas Safari Club for several years so I ordered off my memory (and web site photos). He will be a favorite.

Mark Hadley
We have admired John’s African pieces for many years at SEWE. The attention to detail that he has is incredible. We saw his Moose while attending SEWE two years ago and just had to have it. At that time we begged him to sculpt an Elk for us. He was reluctant at first because it was out of his comfort zone being a North American animal but he did an amazing job. We could not be more happy with our bronzes. Our next purchase will either be one of his impressive Cape Buffalo or Elephant sculptures. Decisions, decisions…
Becky & Ray, Jacksonville, Florida

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