Bronze Africa – the gallery of bronze sculptures created by John Tolmay

John Tolmay created Bronze Africa in 1999 when he officially dedicated himself to sculpting African wildlife, hunting scenes and African tribespeople in bronze. He took his thorough knowledge of African animals and people, combined that with his considerable talent as an artist and has subsequently gone on to sell hundreds of bronze pieces to discerning collectors of art around the world.

Here at Bronze Africa you can explore an exciting collection of high-end bronze art in the Gallery, get the latest updates from the studio, see when and where you can next view his work at a show or exhibition and if you are interested in a piece, you can request a price. Or you can even find out more about John’s colourful life.

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My wife and I had the privilege of meeting John and Di Tolmay at the 2018 South Eastern Wildlife Expo.

John’s African work immediately caught my eye as it was so realistic and “alive” in both its form and chosen settings. There was one large piece of a herd of six Dugga boys that made feel as if I were stalking them with their alertness with attitude apparent.  The third day I could stand it no longer and bought the piece.

As it turns out, John lives an hour and a half from my home and kindly brought the sculpture to my hometown,  consulted on the right pedestal choice, placement and lighting. The consulting fee was a few good Scotch Whiskies.

If you are ever in Greenville,  SC, “Belligerance” is the  lobby focal point of the Downtown Embassy Suites

It is perfect.

Bo Aughtry, Hilton Embassy Suites, Downtown Greenville, South Carolina

Art and I continue to enjoy the sculptures we have acquired from you. Your wit, experience, talent, and love of nature shows through. Our days at home are enhanced by the beauty and cultural uniqueness of your artwork. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we appreciate your many accommodations.


Roberta Aiken

John has been a dear friend since the old days in Rhodesia. He has become an amazing bronze artist over the last 30 years. John having been a professional hunter for decades has seen more wildlife up close and personal than most will ever see,. He has had the talent to transform memories into life like bronze sculptures. I have a large bronze wildlife collection and 8 of my favorites were done by John. He is an amazing talent and great friend, anyone would be lucky to have one of his great works in their collection


Michael J. Miller

John’s art is nothing short of amazing. As a hunter he developed an eye for the total symmetry of an animal and how they move and react in the bush. Something not every artist has mastered… but John has, in spades. I have five of his pieces and each of them conveys a place in time where I, too, experienced that moment.


Russell Marshall

I found John a few years ago at a show in Dallas, and instantly fell in love with one of their pieces called “Pig Trotters”. This piece is sitting in my office today, and gets comments from every visitor about the uniqueness of the piece and it’s quality. I opted to pay for this piece at the show and have them ship me the #1 sculpture that they still had in their possession, and I was always kept apprised of the status of the shipment and found that when it arrived, it was very well packed and the sculpture was in perfect condition. I look forward to seeing John and Di every year when I visit the Dallas show, and still have a few of his pieces on my wish list. John has spent many years in the bush studying every aspect he sculpts, this attention to detail and passion for his work is evident in everything he puts out.


Dillon Short

I purchased Gone with the Wind. A tribute to the giants of yesteryear. I find Mr. Tolmay’s work to be exceptional. His level of quality and attention to detail is the best I’ve seen and I have a full collection of bronze pieces by various artists. You can tell that he cares deeply about each piece and takes great pride in his creations.


Ken Swicord

News and Updates from the Studio

Wrapping up 2018 at Bronze Africa

December 24th, 2018|Categories: Antelope, Elephant, News, Rhino|

Had a really lovely comment from Barbara and Steve about Closing in the Long Grass. Went something like this: " I wanted to let you know that the bronze, “Closing in the Long Grass”, arrived safely on Friday. My husband and I are so pleased with it. We really love the sculpture. Thank you both [...]

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