Woodsmoke on the Wind

Sculpture of a Confederate soldier


7 in Edition

W: 8″ H: 13″ L: 15″
28cm x 33cm x 38cm

27lbs (12kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Woodsmoke on the Wind’

In circa 2009, we decided to leave Montana with our tail tucked between our legs, driven out by the cold.

We have friends in North Carolina who hail from the same area as we did in Rhodesia and so we headed there. While searching for a house to buy and staying with one such friend, Ron Morkel, I spent some of the evenings sculpting.

I sculpted a Mountain Man and then this depiction of a Confederate Soldier and his horse. I researched the uniform and horse ‘trappings’ which was entertainment in itself. It sat around for several years and I would go back to it and ‘tinker’ and finally I had it cast. Here he is as I envisaged, it is called ‘Woodsmoke on the Wind’.

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