Harar Woman

Sculpture of African tribeswoman


25 in Edition

W: 13″ H: 23.5″
33cm x 60cm

36lbs (16.4kg)

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Bronze Africa ‘Harar Woman’

This is a Hara woman sculpted from my imagination with the help of books on anatomy and my many African references. I hope you enjoy the artistic license. She is Nilotic and I mined the recesses of my mind to find the right mix. She is from a remote place in Ethiopia. Does she grind millet? Does she mind chickens? If she is like the Masai then it is no to above but only someone who has lived Africa as I have done can envisage such a scene.

We have decorated our ranch through the years with wonderful bronze pieces from this outstanding artist! John’s amazing ability to capture the motion and the essence of each animal or person in every sculpture is quite intricate and captivating! We treasure his artwork and also our friendship with John and Di. What lovely and talented people to have in our lives!
Bill & Deborah Keyes

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