Project Description

Whiff on the Wind – hyena sculpture

My good friend Gerry Ohrstrom asked me to sculpt a hyena as he wanted a gift for a man who had done a thesis on these strange animals. I accepted of course, not knowing that I was in for a long tour of duty. I took clay to Tanzania in 2008 where I was going to be on a hunt in the Selous Game Reserve with my good friend and long time hunting companion Michi Deckel. I started the sculpture and when I was told by my fellow guides it looked like a dog it was the beginning of repeatedly re-sculpting this piece. For me this was the most difficult animal that I have sculpted.The Hyena when he is hunted becomes extremely cunning and if he occurs on private land he is all but impossible to hunt. So here he/she is, for not only are they difficult to hunt or sculpt, they are nearly impossible to sex.