Project Description

Lord Derby Giant – sculpture of Lord Derby eland

I have always wanted to sculpt a Lord Derby Eland in preference to the Livingstone Eland which is an animal that I am very familiar with. The Lord Derby catches my imagination in that it has a much larger trophy and because it was and still is referred to as the Giant Eland. I figured in my mind that it was, in all likelihood, bigger in body than the Livingstone’s Eland. However, I no longer subscribe to that because on one occasion I was able to weigh a Livingstone Eland bull taken by a client of mine on a private property in Rhodesia. After skinning the animal we loaded everything including the guts onto a trailer and took the whole lot to a cattle scale and weighed it. The weight was in excess of 2,000 pounds even with wet loss. I cannot imagine that an antelope of any sort can achieve a weight more than that. The need to sculpt a Livingstone Eland will of course happen one day and I believe I will capture that animal in all his glory for, in the breeding season, he is truly a magnificent animal. Here then for you to enjoy is Lord Derby Giant.