Project Description

Gone with the Wind

The Elephant has been on the turn table for over 18 months and only now am I ready to send him to the Foundry. He is my attempt to depict one of the giants that roamed East Africa at the turn of the 19th century.

This gene pool was nearly hunted to extinction all over the continent. These big tuskers were not a rarity in East Africa and in fact they were the norm. A friend, Bill Malik who was born in Kenya and now lives in LA was in Kenya when big tuskers were still being hunted. His Grandfather took a bull with 165 pounds on each side. What I have depicted in my sculpture does not weigh in like that. Those big tusks were found in animals that were able to carry ivory more than a total inside the head and outside of 12 feet or near 3 meters if you like. Some of those tusks measured 25 inches and more around the circumference of the tusk at the lip. The biggest ivory I took with Mike Aldersey measured a mere 16 inches round at the lip.

So in effect if I am to pay homage to those magnificent bulls I need to revise upwards and not downwards!!